Kindry DIN Desiccant Bags

The use of KINDRY – desiccants is recommended when reliable, high quality protection against moisture is required.

This is of particular importance for protective packaging that has to last long periods of time under various climate conditions, as is the case with classic export packaging.

Relative humidity automatically found in a sealed protective covering, which would invariably lead to corrosion, can be adsorbed with the use of KINDRY – desiccant bags. Kindry desiccant bags dry the sealed air volume and protect your goods during the entire transportation and storage period.
We are happy to advise you in the selection of the right film quality and implementation.

Available standard sizes:

Size units according to DINApprox. weightApprox. dimensions (mm)Units per packageUnits per cartonUnits per palletCartons per pallet
1/66 g70 x32100 pieces1.50048,00032
1/312 g80 x 6580 pieces80025.60032
1/218 g85 x 7560 pieces60019.20032
136 g90 x7550 pieces35011.20032
275 g125 x 10030 pieces2106.72032
4140 g155 x 10015 pieces1053.36032
4*140 g155 x 10015 pieces1053.36032
8280 g180 x 12010 pieces601.92032
16*590 g210 x 1705 pieces451.08024
32*1,100 g280 x 1703 pieces1857632
32*1,100 g280 x 1703 pieces570 BOX5701 Big Box

All sizes listed are “dust-free” according to DIN 55473-B in version B

Sizes marked with * are equipped with a suspension cord!

KINDPAC Europe GmbH stands for quality and safety.